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Of course you can easily purchase a trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, or trombone from one of the many music stores. Usually there are several brands of brass wind instruments available for different prices and the store has plenty of the instruments in stock most of the time. CarolShop however does it differently! CarolShop is the official online store of CarolBrass Nederland, a store that does not offer a wide range of different brands, but is instead limited to a carefully selected collection of wind instruments of the very best quality!

At CarolShop you do not buy out of stock. In the Internet and bulk online shops era, we have become accustomed to getting what we want very fast. However, more often than not, exclusive brass wind instruments have been in storage for much too long or have been frequently tested in the showroom and then sold as new. Carolshop has decided to do things differently, especially when it comes to such valuable items like wind instruments.


  • A new trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn or trombone is a valuable acquisition.  

  • CarolBrass is top quality for a fair price.

  • Choose CarolShop for a truly new trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn or trombone.

Harry van der Brug

CarolBrass Review "Dutch Jazz Smoke"

  Maaike Boonstra     09/01/2018     Comments (0)

Review - Dutch Jazz Smoke Trumpet  Holding it in your hands it feels like a decent trumpet, quite heavy and it looks as if it will produce a loud sound. And that's correct: simply put, with this trumpet you will enjoy hearing yourself play. From the moment you blow air through the trumpet you can make music from a simple note. In the beginning, it was difficult to keep the tone clear from start to finish, but the longer I played on it, the better I could control the tone.   I had difficulty keeping the higher notes stable in the beginning. It took more work to sound good in that register. This may also be because I switched from a Yamaha YTR6345G, where creating a tone is easier, but the tone is not as full and jazzy. Now, after a few months of playing, I also have the high register under control and I can keep...

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Gerald van Dijk about his CarolBrass "Dutch Jazz Standard" trumpet.

  Gerald van Dijk     07/10/2017     Comments (0)

Hello Harry, Perhaps you'd like to hear my thoughts on the 'CarolBrass Dutch Jazz Standard'. As you were already aware of, I was very satisfied with the ease of playing and the sound in a small setting. The instrument produces a sound that's full of character and one can play it very softly. Yesterday, I performed with this trumpet under heavier conditions for the first time: in the band Scissors, with Hans Dulfer. Occasionally, this band pulls out all the stops, with a digital track, analogous synths, guitar with distortion, etc. A single trumpet is usually overpowered. I was therefore pleasantly surprised to notice I could match the other instruments quite easily. When played hard and high, the trumpet produces a wide and sonorous sound. Even amongst all this force, it's not just a thin mariachi-like sound...

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CarolBrass cornet review

  Theo Hartman     29/09/2017     Comments (0)

Trumpeter Theo Hartman recently bought a customised Carol Brass cornet with a lovely bell with satin finish. His review was written on the basis of his extensive experience as a musician and after quite some experience playing the new CarolBrass cornet. In consultation with Harry, we opted for the CCR-3880-GSS-SLB as the basis. This cornet is custom-adapted and built with a gold-brass leadpipe and a 123mm thick bell and thus became a CarolBrass CCR-3880-GSS-SLB cornet. The warm cornet sound is even more explicit thanks to the gold-brass leadpipe and the larger bell. First, the new cornet gives me great joy and I was inspired to study my old Arban books again. What strikes me most is the light blowing, with a wonderful round and pure tone. The piston valves run smoothly, mutes fit well into the bell and the lovely design is...

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Review CarolBrass CTR-8060H-GLS Balanced

  Bert Lochs     21/09/2017     Comments (0)

Happy to say that I am now the proud owner of a CarolBrass Balanced trumpet. To start off with the downside (just one, I promise): I don’t think it is a pretty trumpet. Despite the name ’Balanced’, the trumpet looks a bit awkward and …unbalanced. The valves are close to the bell and the last curve to the bell sticks out from behind the receiver, which gives a strange stretched look at the back, and a sturdy look at the front. The idea comes from the old Selmers that a.o. Louis Armstrong en Harry James played. The Olds Recording is another legendary balanced model. Valve block pushed forward, bell pushed backward to make the trumpet fall into your hands very comfortably. Whereas a normal trumpet wants to tilt towards the bell, this trumpet stays horizontal. I don’t know what is the real benefit of...

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trumpet, cornet and flugelhorn valves maintenance

  Harry van der Brug     15/09/2017     Comments (0)

Valves are the most sensitive part of a trumpet, cornet or flugelhorn. Even though valves require little maintenance, it is important to always keep them in good condition. Tight or sticky valves are often the result of improper use of valve oil or neglected maintenance.   When used properly, valve oil keeps the valves smooth. Too much valve oil results in tight or torpid valves. Insufficient valve oil causes tight or squeaky valves that are either slightly or completely stuck in the valve block. New instruments require somewhat more valve oil. This should be applied once every week. When the valves are properly oiled for use, it is up to the user to decide how often they must be oiled in the future. Generally speaking, the valves only have to be oiled again after cleaning the valve block and valves. For...

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A custom made CarolBrass

  Harry van der Brug     12/11/2014     Comments (3)

CarolBrass makes brasswind instruments to order per your requirements. You’re on the lookout for a new trumpet, cornet, flugehorn or trombone, but just can’t find exactly what you’re looking for; after all buying a musical instrument is specific and personal. CarolBrass delivers a superior range of brasswind instruments as well as having considerable experience in making brasswind instruments to order and this generally always takes place according to the musician’s specifications. A particular bore, a different finish or material choice of instrument; CarolBrass makes top quality wind instruments exactly the way the musician wants it! Prefer a warmer sound than usual or want to be able to play extra tight in the high register; design and material choice are influential on the way you play. CarolBrass...

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CarolShop - CarolBrass - Delivery and service

  Harry van der Brug / CarolShop     16/04/2014     Comments (3)

CarolBrass is synonymous with craftsmanship in brass wind instruments. A CarolBrass doesn’t just roll off the assembly line, a CarolBrass is made! CarolShop does its best to ensure fast delivery but if an instrument is not in stock it cannot be produced quickly. In this instance the CarolBrass of your choice will be made to order. CarolShop requests your understanding for this commitment to quality and craftsmanship.   CarolBrass guarantees top quality allowing you to enjoy the best service for warranty and maintenance of your instrument.

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