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CarolBrass Bb Trumpets
C trumpets

Photo Description Price
CarolBrass CTR-3200H-YSS Trumpet CarolBrass CTR-3200H-YSS-L

The CarolBrass CTR-3200H-YSS-L is an excellent all-round trumpet.
per Piece

1 Reviews
CarolBrass CPT-3000-GLS-L pocket Pocket trumpet CarolBrass CPT-3000-GLS-L

The CPT CarolBrass-3000-GLS: a pocket trumpet made as you desire.
per piece

3 Reviews
CarolBrass CTR-5060H-GSS-C-L C trumpet CarolBrass CTR-4000H-GSS-L,

CarolBrass CTR-4000H-GSS-L, C trumpet
per unit

CarolBrass CTR-5000L-YST-L CarolShop Trumpet CarolBrass CTR-5000L-YST-L

A professional trumpet for a low price!
per unit

CarolBrass CTR-5000L-YLT-L Trumpet Carolbrass CTR-5000L-YLT-L

A perfect trumpet with a Large bell for a big "fat sound". This is a great trumpet for jazz and bigband.
per Piece

7 Reviews
•CTR-5200L-YST-L. Trumpet CarolBrass CTR-5200L-YST-L

The CarolBrass CTR-5200L-YST-L is a beautiful professional trumpet for daily practice and playing on stage.
per Piece

CarolBrass CPT-7000-GLS-SLB CarolBrass “Dizzy Pocket” CPT-7000-GLS-SLB

The one and only real Pocket trumpet with "Dizzy Gillespie" bell
per unit

CarolBrass Dutch Jazz Standard Trumpet CarolBrass "Dutch Jazz Standard"

Dutch Jazz Standard, The ultimate allround jazz trumpet!
per unit

1 Reviews
CarolBrass CTR-7770L-YST-Bb-L Trumpet CarolBrass CTR-7770L-YST-L

A lightweight trumpet with perfect playing features.
per unit

CarolBrass CTR-5280L-GLT-L trumpet Trumpet CarolBrass CTR-5280L-GLT-L

The exclusive CarolBrass CTR-5280L-GLT-L trumpet delivers ultimate playing comfort thanks to the double walled leadpipe.
per unit

CarolBrass CTR-6080H-YST-L Trumpet CarolBrass CTR-6080H-YST-L

No nonsense heavyweight trumpet!
per unit

CarolBrass C trompet CTR-5060H-GSS C trumpet CarolBrass CTR-5060H-GSS

“Heavyweight C trumpet”
per unit

CarolBrass CTR-6280H-GSS-L Trumpet CarolBrass CTR-6280H-GSS-L

Heavyweight trumpet with a perfect sound and intonation.
per Piece

1 Reviews
CarolBrass CTR-9990H-RSM-L- Trumpet CarolBrass CTR-9990H-RSM-L

Excellent red brass trumpet.
per Piece

CarolBrass "Dutch Jazz Smoke" Trumpet CarolBrass 'Dutch Jazz Smoke"

A fantastic jazz trumpet with a raw unpolished “Smokey” sound.
per unit

CarolBrass CTR-6580H-GSS-L Trumpet CarolBrass CTR-6580H-GSS-L

The extra heavy duty trumpet!
per unit

CarolBras Legendary trumpet Trumpet CarolBrass CTR-7000L-YSS-SL

A CarolBrass trumpet with a special design and finish made from the very best materials.
per unit

CarolBrass Balanced Trumpet CTR-8060H-GLS Tumpet carolBrass CTR-8060H-GLS Balanced

A trumpet with an excellent sound and dynamics!
per unit

1 Reviews
CarolBrass Dutch Jazz Basterd Trumpet CarolBrass "Dutch Jazz Basterd"

The CarolBrass "Dutch Jazz Bastard" a medium heavy designed trumpet with a big fat sound.
per unit

CarolBrass CTR-7660L-GSS-SL Trumpet CarolBrass CTR-7660L-GSS-SL

Heavyweight “Legendary” trumpet, this is a stunning trumpet!
per unit

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