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Pocket trumpet CarolBrass CPT-3000-GLS-L

Pocket trumpet CarolBrass CPT-3000-GLS-L 5 3
Pocket trumpet CarolBrass CPT-3000-GLS-L
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The CPT CarolBrass-3000-GLS: a pocket trumpet made as you desire.

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CarolBrass has made a name for itself as a manufacturer of world's best pocket trumpets!
CarolShop proudly presents the CPT-3000-GLS-L pocket trumpet.


  • CPT-3000-GLS-L.
  • Bb.
  • 11.70 mm bore.
  • 120 mm "full size" gold brass bell.
  • Yellow brass mouth pipe.
  • Yellow brass inside and outside tuning slides.
  • Stainless steel valves.
  • Fixed ring on the first valve.
  • Fixed ring on the third valve.
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty + 2 years CarolShop warranty.


The CPT CarolBrass-3000-GLS-L Pocket trumpet comes in a luxury ABS case with a 3C mouthpiece, cleaning kit, valve oil and Slide grease.

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Harry van der Brug

Irish_Guy -

I purchased the Carol Brass CPT-3000-GLS-Bb-SLB (satin Bell). The instrument
is striking visually with an excellent build quality. I love the satin bell
against the yellow brass.
I was concerned that it may feel awkward to hold. To my surprise it is quite
comfortable to hold. My hands fit naturally around the instrument and I do not
feel the need to change my grip when playing it after a prolonged practice session.
The tone is wonderful across all octaves - low, middle and high. All notes
slot nicely. I found it so easy to blow. I thought I might have to work a little harder
regarding tuning, not so. The valve action is also very smooth and quiet. They
required no "breaking in" after the first oiling.
I also purchased the heavy weighted valve caps and they do make it
look extra nice. For an extra €25 it seemed like a good idea. I am glad I did.
The case is quite good and I can fit oil and extra mouthpiece
easily. No more room for anything else. But that is ok for me.
The instrument comes standard with 3C mouthpiece, slide grease, valve
oil and cleaning cloth. The trumpet case fits nicely in my backpack when
I am on the move. Extremely light to carry.
CarolShop, Netherlands gave a great service. Love the fact that
you can customise your build before you order and it still worked out cheaper than
Thomanns. I waited about 4 weeks from time of order to delivery. That may vary,
depending on how busy the factory is. I would definitley recommend this instrument.

Frank Richards -

Deze pocket is echt goed. De klank is boven verwachting en hij speelt erf fijn. Ventielen lopen heel soepel en is het met deze pocket geen probleem om de dempers te gebruiken die je anders ook gebruikt, past allemaal. Toppertje!

Stefan Hinz -

Fine horn. I would by it again.

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